Address: Andre zigarrogileen plaza 1, Tabakalera
20012 Donostia/San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country (Spain)
Phone: +34 943 023 400 - e-mail:
Contact Person: Alex Aginagalde

Company profile

The Etxepare Basque Institute is a public institution whose main role is to promote the dissemination of Basque culture around the world by fostering the internationalisation of artistic events of excellence, support for the movement of Basque artists and works overseas and the dissemination of knowledge of Basque artistic heritage.

To achieve these objectives, the Basque Institute has two lines of action. On the one hand, it handles proposals for grants for various artistic disciplines, such as audiovisual, dance, theatre, music, literature and visual arts. The purpose of this assistance is to facilitate the presence of Basque artists on the world stage.

On the other hand, the Institute develops activities to open windows to Basque culture in each discipline, organising and financing cultural events of different kinds such as exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences and shows. To this end, in the foreign dissemination of the Basque audiovisual sector, the stand Basque Audiovisual organized in MIPTV and MIPCOM markets constitutes one of its main actions.

The Etxepare Basque Institute also works to show audiovisual output produced in the Basque Country overseas through consolidated programs such as Kimuak (short films) in collaboration with the Basque Film library.